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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  September 30, 2010 10:30am-11:00am PST

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friends hi for me. ♪ [ female announcer ] high speed internet fr at&t. ♪ this is truly a political smear. on me, on my family, and based on li. and it is designed to divert attention from the issues that really matter to california voters. >> republican gubernorial candidate meg whitman goes on the offensive again. just moments ago she attacked the accusations made by an illegal immigrant she employed as a housekeeper. >> meg whitman call it is a political smear by jerry brown and his supporter celebrity reporter gloria allred. whitman is still holding her news conferee. >> the conference is going on
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and attorney glia allred has a news conference coming up soon. that's talking aut a social securit letter sent to whitman proving the gubernatorial candidate knew she had hired an immigrant. she will show it to everyone. >> our evidence will show she is lying. >> high profile attorney gloria allred says at noon she will show this evidenc a social security letterrom 2003 stating there were discrepancies with the paperwork provided by meg whitman's form housekeeper nikki dion. it's unliky it sent a warning letter like that unless an employer had hired ten people with mismatched social security numbers. the whitman believes allred is in cahoots with jerry brown. >> no one from jerry brown' campaign have contacted me. i haven't contacted them. as far as my client goes, nikki doesn't know anybody in
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politics. >> whitman has already provided proof when she hired her through an employment agency the housekeeper supplied a social security card and a driver's license. >> we told the employment agency we have to hire people only documented to work here. we had no idea she was illegal. >> the timing of these accusations are called into questions weeks befor an election day in a race that's a dead heat. whitman has been courting hispacs mostly known to be democrs. >> meg, please, can you help me? and she was very upset and said no! >> the ststory of housekeeper nikki diaz is sure to come up when the two candidates meet in their next debate on saturday in fresno. >> if her version of the story's right, it's going to look pretty good for her, and it's gonna look a little t sleazy on the part of the democrats. >> well, just mites ago meg
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whitman told the press in her santa monica ne conference she has never seen the letter gloria allred is expected to present as evidence a noon. nikki sayless she was hired at wittman she was to work 15 hours a week $2 an hour. she worked for her until 2009 when all of a sudden whitman fired her when she decided to run for governor. kristen? >> jenelle, thank you. there are two polls offering two conflicng assessments who is ahead in the governor's race. a poll from the public policy institute of california finds jerry brown and wittman locked in a statistical tie with 37 percent planning to vote for brown. 18% are undecided. meanwhile a new cnn time poll shows brown way ahead with 52% of likely voters supporting the democrats and 43% supporting the republican whitman. in oakland this morning the police officer's union and the city are going at it with each
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other over the decling number of officers on the job. as the city is dealin with severe budget cuts. the city administrator says he will not replace any officers who retire until he sees how many officers the public is goingto pay for on election day. terry mcsweeney join us now from oakland with more. terr >> 15 offics have either quit or retired from the oakland police department since july and the folks here at the police offir's association say the funding is there, replace the but the city administrar and others are saying why do anything right now until we see whatoters do about measure x on the nomber ballo you will remember in july '80 officers were let go to close thecity's budget problem. 15 are retired since then, two more are leaving nxt week and it keeps going. measure x would bring dozens of officers on the force by imposing a parcel tax of $360. between now and the election, it is a matter of public and officer safety to put ery
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funded officer on the force even if just for a few weeks. >> if there's money to do this and they're underfunding us and said they were goin to fund us a certain amount then bring officers back. if they have to lay them off next year, then we do but we at least have a full staff. they need to do that. >> we want to bring back one or two or three or four offirs and after the measure fails, then the number of people that will be necessary to be laid off will be even higher. it makes no sense. not because we don't wanna do it, it's because we have to be realistic about what's going to happen. >> councilman says he opposes, himself he opposes measure x because the time has come to get by with less. he says every poll he has seen shows the measure losing big-time. the money is there right now and to bring back the officers right now even if it is just for five weeks, six weeks or a few months. live in oakland, terry
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mcsweeney. >> thanks very much. a superior court judge granteds san francisco's approximation for a preliminary injunction against two warring street gangs. city attorney filed suit last month to preventhe two rival gangs from gathering within the area of the visitation valley neighborhood. the downelow gangsters and the towerside gang are terrorized the are for years. officials say the civil gang injunctn gives police a tool to keep the gangs away. >> in the south bay police need your help identifying a robber who's been targeting women at atm's. we he surveillance pictures of both robberies. both were robbed at the same chase bank atm in san jose. he comes up behind his victims with a knife and puts his arm around their neck, demands money and then runs off. the attacks happened in augu at 6:40 a.m. the second five days later at midnight.
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>> a los gatos woman is in custody charged with having sex with a minor. sarah cole turned herself into police. they investigateder for two months. they seiz computers and phones from her home last week. police have not released specific informationbout the encounters cole is accused of. she is the mother of four boys. >> gay rights groups are demaning more tolerance in the wake of a student suicide at a new jersey unirsity. he was recorded having a sexual encounter with the man and it was broadcast online. lindsay davis reports. >> tyler clemente had been at record university for a month when the freshman's roommate recorded him ving a sexual encounter with another man in his dorm room. they believe to ve watched online. the two have been charged wit secretly setting up a live stream and advertising it on a twitter account september 19th robbie tweeted roommate asked for the room until midnight. i turned on my webcam.
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i saw him making out with a dude, yea! two days later robbie wrote this message to 150 people following him on twitter, anyone with eye chat, i dare you to video cha me between 9:30 and 12:00. a day later clemen said his final good-bye by simply writi jumping off the gw bridge. sorry. clemente did that. his drir's license was found in a wallet left on the george washington bridge after two witnesses saw soone jump. it stirred a debate over privilegesy and the abuse of technology. >> like rules and enforcement for them. just insure that it doesn't happen again. >> the university has started a stability project. >> hopefully it will engage the entire university about how peoplereat one another and the use of this kind of technology. >> modern technology may have played a role in clemente's death but it's proving a platforfor grieving and hope.
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>> robbie and wa have both been released and face up to five years in prison. neither of the teens have spoken out to defend themselves. rutgers released this statement to say our university community feels the pain of had loss and there is anger and outrage about these events. lindsa davis, rutgers university, new jersey. >> the issue is making waves closer to home. just two days ag a 13-year-old boy died nine days aft classmes found him hanging from a tree. authorities say other teens had taunted seth walch for being gay. well, authorities in new york city are expected to announce charges today in a global cyber crime scheme. federal and state authorities plan to charge more than 60 people in connection with a scheme that relied on internet viruses to steal millions of dollars from u.s. bank accounts. prosecutors say the defendants used the zeus, astro january and other internet viruses to steal money. >> a bay area city consiring
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closi half of its schools. >> also a massive fisher price recall. what's wrong with millions of products from tricycles to high chair >> honoring
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the alameda school board is holding a public hearing to allow the community to close
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half district schools. they are considering a consolidation pan that would make megaschools from kindergarten to 6th grade. a new way to deal with the district's maive budget gap. evenwith the consolidation and the closus the district could sti be short up to $12 million over the next two years. tonight's hearing will be held at lincoln middle chool at 6:30. a final vote by the board on th december 14th. >> the san jose school district is taking drastic action to save money. every school and business office in the district wl be closed all next week and all its employees will take five furlough day parents need to make arrangements for their children because all classes and programs have been cancelled except high school sports. it will save the district $5 million. classes resume october 11th. >> the postal service is deeply in debt.
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the stamp is not ging up. they denied the agencies request to increase the cost of mailing a letter by 2 cents. that would take it from 44 to 46 cents the postal service proposed raising first class postage to help balance its books. it lost $4 billion last year. children's product maker fisher price is recalling 10 million items. this includes 7 mlion tricycles, nearly a million hh chairs and million play gyms. toddlers have t themselves on pegs attached to the high chair's back legs. the tricycles are recalled because of a danger posed by a fake key protruding from the frame. >> these tricycles had this key which is sticks out and little girls have jump on this and had serious injuries. >> nearly 3 million inflatable balls are being recalled because the valves can come off. at least three kids have choked
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on them. for more information you can contact fisher price and we have information how to do that on our weite just click on "see it on tv." >> meteorologist mike nicco is away but frances dglasan has the forecast. >> we have that familiar fog in the bay area and along the coast. take a look at this live sh from emeryville. you see exactly wh i mean with a westerly wind. temperatures coming down by as much as 20 degrees today. i'll show you where and when and how long this cooling trend will last. >> the new study creas new confion about mammrams. abc's medil experts clearing up the confusion for us over when to start them and how frequently to get them. @2
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(speaking in internatial language) and he said to them go ye into all of the worl and preach the gospel preach the gospel ♪ every creature in theorld. (applause)
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welcome back. a new study out of sweden is causing a debate when women should start breast cancer screening. the study by the u.s. preventve services task force said women don't need to get regular mammograms until age 50 because therere so few cases. >> women who began treating in their 40s were 26% less likely to die from breast cancer than women who waited until they're 50. there's no disagreement that mammography helped. the question is wh is the benefit? how large is that benefit? and at what ris at what cost to
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the woman. >> that wasabc's dr. richard bester. they say we screened all american women in their 40s we'd say 2,000 lives. women in their foies should have a conversation asking why i shouldn't have a mammogram as opposed to wh should i? >> former president jimmy carter was relead from a hostal in iowa little over an hour ago. he spent two days in the hospital from a viral infection that lily gave him stomach problems. not cle when he will resume his book tour thou. the 85-year-old presidentecame ill on tuesdy. he was rushed to the hospal after the plane landed. the hospit issued a statement saying president carter thanks all of those who have expressed concernnd sent greetings to him. >> meteorologist mike nicco is off but meteorologist frances dinglasan is with us bringing the cool facto >> cool factor. kind of like what you're
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wearing, the grays and i guess lavender. (laughter) fog comi in from the coast, what really cooling us down. temperatures drop by 20 degrees in some locations. but you'll find also mainly sunny conditions all around the bay area. the clouds will stick around the coast and around the golden gate bridge all day. southern california there's severe weath going on. the national weather service reported 850 lightning strikes since midnight last night. all due to an upper level low. look out for that if you're traveling through san diego or riverside. temperatures e warming us nicely for us. but you notice alo the coast in sanrancisco and half moon bay we're still hanging on to the 50s. livermore at 80 degrees. 69 in mountain view. so much more comfortable for inland communits. 76 in gilroy and 63 in san jose. so we will see a lot of the sunshine but the temperaturea lot cooler due to the fog and
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the westerly sea breeze. also cluds will return tonight. should be more comrtable for sleeping. you may not need your air conditioner in some of thos locations. and then the cooling trend stays with us through the weekend. so here are the temperature changes from yestday to today. and check out santa rosa. that's one of the biggest losers. 99 your high yesterday. today only 79. so that's actually mu easier to deal with. and san francisco down to 66 degrees today. also check out the interior valleys. we saw hundreds before. now we're seeing low 90s for the most part. that's the warmest spot in brentwood, 91 degrees, and then 85, mid-80s, upper 80s through other places. as we head to the east bay, the return of the 60s at well through richmond, berkeley, 70s around newark and also unio city. hang on to that 80 degrees in castro valley. look for 80s in san jose. more seasonable for the peninsula with some 70s in san mateo and redwood city.
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san francisco partly cloudy today if you're heading to the game, 66 the high. and in the north bay, more sunshine in sonoma and napa, around 80, 78 napa. one more stop in monterey bay. look how the clouds stick around bringing temperatures to 75 in santa cruz, 88 in morga hill. here's a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. so we've got cooler days ahead. notice we dropped down a few degrees every day through the weekend. and then by the time we miss that warmer weather, maybe by mid-week next week, that's when we start to see things rm up again. >> all right. like roller-coaster there. >> a little roller-aster. >> well, a hollywood legend has passed away. tony curtis died from a heart attack near his home in las vegas. he was known for his charm and good looks. rose to stardom in the 50s and 60s. played in several comedies including the hit comedy some like it hot he was an accomplished dramatic actor winning an academy award
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nomination in 1959 for e defiant one opposite sidney poitier. his first of six wives was screenutidy janet lee and screenutidy janet lee and one of eir our state has a huge deficit. meg whitman's plan will ma it billions worse by eliminating the capital gains tax for wealthy investors, including herself. economis say her plan will "rip a hole in the budget" and is "deeply flawed". analysts for the l.a. tis say whitman's plan is a "pure handout" to the rich creating a "huge risk" to schooland public safety. jerry brown'against this unfair giveaway because it will take billionfrom our children when we can least afford it. get california wking again-for all of us.
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>> today on oprah at 4:0 the aging beauties of hollywood. a peninsula mother in jail after
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making marijuanana-laced brownies that ended up in the hands of her four-year-old child. a cereal box typo that's connecng people to a sex line and they thought they were dialing a charity. >> goa see that story. the comic strip peanuts is celebrating in a big way at the smithsonian in washington d.c. a photograph of the late charles schulz of the peanuts gang is going to be on display. his wife is in washington for the celebration and a surpre, a great honor. she says her husband's characters are timeless. >> they came from sparky' heart and they speak to the ordinary things tha we all feel. our ordinary emotions, our hopes, our fears, our insecurities and when snoopy -- our dreams. >> charleschulz passed away in
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2000 from complications from colon cancer. a new book called the peanuts collection th reproductions about schultz' artwork. >> kind of like a museum in a box. has some of the old drawing cells, h had reproductio and some of the artwork is ready for framing. >> we've got some cooler days? >> yeah. let's take a quick look at the seveday accu-weather forecast. basically a cooling trend through the weekend and warm he ever by midweek next week. ever by midweek next week. >> thank you f
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